The research projects below are of a larger PhD project looking at developing a framework to measure and understand the natural, economic, and social limits of salmon aquaculture in Atlantic Canada.

Public survey on salmon farming in Nova Scotia

During May to August 2020, we are conducting a survey seeking the thoughts and opinions of Nova Scotians to salmon farming on their coasts.

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Understanding stakeholder perceptions of salmon farming in Nova Scotia communities

This research looks at stakeholder attitudes of salmon farming across local communities in Nova Scotia. In particular, this study seeks to compare preferences and opinions across three coastal communities in Nova Scotia where salmon farming development has been considered. A comparative analysis between communities and stakeholders with different opinions of aquaculture will help explore factors that influence the social acceptance or opposition towards aquaculture.

These opinions would contribute greatly to improving our understanding of the social benefits and risks of salmon farming in Nova Scotia.

We are now looking for participants!

We are looking for residents, tourism and business operators, fishermen, fish farmers, and environmental or community groups who are interested in expressing their views and understanding about salmon farming in one of our three case study areas.

Our areas of interest include:

  • Digby Area (town of Digby, Digby Neck, Long Island and/or Brier Island)
  • Shelburne
  • Liverpool

To learn more about this study, or if you wish to participate, please contact me at jenny.weitzman(at)